Our Technology

Hyrax Biosciences develops user-friendly, end-to-end software solutions that analyse DNA sequences with unrivaled accuracy, reducing complex sequencing data to simple, clear clinical reports.


High-throughput sequencing data is systematically error-prone. Our early work involved benchmarking currently available mutation-calling algorithms for their ability to distinguish true mutations from sequencing error. No algorithm met our stringent specificity requirements and, thus, we developed our own. Our novel algorithms accurately distinguish between sequencing error and true mutations, thereby enabling unparalleled confidence in clinicial diagonostics.

Ease of use

We build intuitive interfaces that non-technical users find easy to navigate. DNA sequences can be uploaded directly from any sequencing machine, with no pre- or post-processing required.


At Hyrax Biosciences we believe that the data analysis step should not dramatically increase the cost of a diagnostic test. Our capacity for high volumes and our optimised processes allow us to offer a competitive pricing structure that represents a small fraction of the data generation costs.


When handling medical data, security is of the utmost importance. At Hyrax Biosciences we secure data in accordance with industry best practices, ensuring that data is protected from the upload process through to result storage and delivery.


Hyrax Biosciences’ applications have been optimised for speed, allowing us to convert raw sequence data to easy-to-read clinical reports in just a few minutes.


Because Hyrax Biosciences operates in the cloud, our software can effortlessly analyse large volumes of analyses in parallel. No local installation is required: a web browser and an internet connection is all that is needed to use our software. Because our software runs as a web service, version control is our responsibility, not yours. This also means that you will never need to pay for software upgrades.