Enabling cost-effective genetic testing

At Hyrax Biosciences, we believe that precision medicine can, and should, be affordable for everyone. We create user-friendly, end-to-end software solutions that analyse DNA with unrivaled accuracy, reducing complex sequencing data to clear clinical reports.

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Our Technology


Unique algorithms that enable highly accurate genotyping are the foundation that powers our technologies. Our tools are accessible to any health professional through an easy-to-use web portal. Our flagship product, Exatype, is a bespoke software solution that enables cost-effective drug resistance genotyping.

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The Exatype drug resistance testing platform is a simple web service, which analyses DNA from one or many patients, sequenced in parallel by a high-throughput sequencing machine. This approach both reduces the cost of testing (by as much as ten fold), and provides considerably higher sensitivity than conventional resistance testing approaches.


Exatype generates an easy-to-interpret drug resistance report for each patient from the hugely complex data generated by high-throughput sequencing machines.